Biolympics 2014 – even post-docs can have fun

The Biolympics is an (almost) yearly event, where PhDs and post-docs from several research institutes in Dresden join forces in fun games and team building activities.
This year, the event was organized by a joint committee from CBG/CRTD/MTZ, and took place a few weekends ago in the MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics and in Größer Garten.

The games started on Friday, Sept 12 with the traditional 17-o-clock Meet the Speaker session (should be read “beer hour”). After a 80s-style warm up, the inaugural game “PhDs vs. Post-docs tug of war” brought everyone together, and physically & mentally prepared for the night. The teams then went through games like fussball, ping-pong, limbo, slow bike competition, watermelon-eating contest, eat the donut, fit the team in the cardboard, and pop-quiz.

On Saturday, Sept 13, the activities started early in the morning in Größer Garten. There, we had “real” sports like football, volleyball, and frisbee, and lots of fun games in between, like baking contest, building contest, passing the carrot, and agar plate frisbee.

In addition, we had the “best team name” and “best team outfit” contests to prove our creativity. From left to right, top to bottom, in the picture below, are the teams:

The Bar-Bee-Cubes
Crazy Mice
The Degenerates
The Leftovers
The octoploids
Pinky and the Brains
The Outliers
The Underachievers
The Attack of the Zerial Killers

The coolest thing about events like this, besides interacting with co-workers outside the lab environment, is discovering each person’s abilities other than pipetting. Even if this ability is playing air guitar like no one else you’ve ever seen before 🙂


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