Career Symposium on Monday, April 4!

Don’t miss the annual Career Symposium at the MPI-CBG! This all-day event will take place on April 4 in the MPI-CBG auditorium, starting at 9:30am. No registration required; all are welcome.

Check out the poster below for the complete line-up, and visit the Career Day website for more details and some great career-related resources.


Why have Career Day?

Everyone who’s in the academic environment is well aware of the problem that many PhDs face after getting their degrees: entering the job market. Many fear that companies might see these newly formed professionals as over-specialized and lacking “work experience”, and that hiring a PhD would mean higher starting salaries for someone who would have to be trained from the beginning. We can bet that most PhDs have the professional profile companies look for, that is: an independent person who thinks out of the box, is capable of developing projects, handling adversities, and creatively finding solutions for problems. Meanwhile, academia cannot absorb the growing number of PhDs/post-docs; there are simply not enough group leader positions to accommodate so many qualified people.

The good new is: MPI-CBG PhDs and postdocs know this is a problem faced by many and promote an annual symposium called Career Day. During this event, PhDs and former postdocs with job positions outside of academia are invited to the CBG to talk about their professional experience: how and why they joined academia, when they decided was time to leave and why, and -most importantly- how they successfully made the switch to a non-academic position. Come hear what they have to say and find out if a different career path is right for you!


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