From the group leaders

Many of the group leaders at the MPI-CBG have expressed an interest in sharing their wisdom with us. As we collect it, we’ll post it here.

Advice from Ivan Baines

Ivan gave a fantastic talk at the Pimp Your Postdoc series about negotiating* your start-up package for your first group leader position and getting grants (*Tip from Ivan: don’t think of it as a negotiation, think of it as a discussion!). He kindly provided his key tips and take-home messages in a written format for easy reference, and you can find those tips right here:

Essential tips for negotiating your start-up package

Thank you, Ivan! And good luck to all of you as you reach the negotiation/discussion stage in your own careers.

Advice from Wieland Huttner

Wieland’s Pimp Your Postdoc seminar was aptly titled “Everything you always wanted to know about being a group leader* (*but were afraid to ask),” in the style of a classic Woody Allen movie. His talk was funny and insightful, and he gave us a special treat at the end by reading an entertaining essay from the book Jeff’s View, by scientist Gottfried Schatz. You can read the key points of Wieland’s talk by clicking the link below.

Everything you always wanted to know about being a group leader

Thanks, Wieland!

Advice from Tony Hyman

Tony decided to make his Pimp Your Postdoc seminar, “What is a Discovery?” available on youtube! You can watch the talk in full here, and we can promise you it’s worth your time. Thanks, Tony!


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