Grant resources

For MPI-CBG postdocs, the Grants Office can help you identify potential funding agencies! They can also provide helpful guidelines and hints to assist you with your proposal. Additionally, to follow internal regulations, all MPI-CBG postdocs must consult the Grants Office before submitting an application. They’ll make sure your application is complete, contains all necessary attachments and administrative information, and has a reasonable and well-justified budget — thus giving you the best chance at success.

Here are some popular grants that people apply for:

For postdocs of any nationality

  • Branco Weiss Postdoctoral Fellowship
    • Must apply within 5 years of receiving your PhD, and must be born after Jan 1, 1982
    • Deadline: Jan 15, 2016. Applications accepted starting in Oct 2015.
  • Daimler and Benz Foundation fellowship for postdocs, junior professors, and scientists regardless of nationality who are affiliated with a German university or scientific institution.
    • 2 year fellowship of €20,000/year which can be used according to the fellow’s needs.
    • Must apply within 3 years of receiving your PhD
    • Deadline for this year: Oct 1, 2015 
  • Fritz Thyssen Project
    • Includes salary and support for supplies, equipment, and travel
    • Upcoming deadlines: Sept 30, 2015 (to be considered in Feb 2016), or Feb 15, 2016 (to be considered in June 2016)
  • Fritz Thyssen Stipend
    • Must apply within 1-2 years of receiving PhD
    • Covers stipend plus a small additional amount for materials and books
    • Deadline: none. Applications are continually processed.

For people coming to Germany from another country (including EMBL)

  • Alexander von Humboldt
    • Must apply within 4 years of receiving your PhD and must not have been in Germany for more than 6 months at the time of application
    • Deadline: none. Applications are continually processed.
  • FEBS
    • Applicants should have no more than 6 years postdoc experience
    • Deadline for this year: Oct 1, 2015
  • Marie Curie EU
    • Must apply within the first year of being employed in Germany.
    • Deadline for this year: Sept 10, 2015, 5pm (Brussels local time) 
  • EMBO Long-Term Fellowships
    • Must apply within 2 years of receiving your PhD and within 7 months of arriving to work at the MPI
    • Deadlines for this year: Aug 10, 2015 (initiation), Aug 14, 2015 (submission)
    • EMBO Advanced Fellowships offer an additional 2 years of funding for EMBO Long-Term Fellows. Deadline for this year: Jul 1, 2015
  • HFSP – Human Frontier Science Program
    • Long-Term Fellowships are for applicants with a PhD in biology to embark on a new project in a different field of the life sciences
    • Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships are open to applicants with a PhD from outside the life sciences who have had limited exposure to biology during their previous training
    • Deadline for this year: August 13, 2015 (initiation), August 27, 2015 (submission)
  • Leopoldina Postdoc Scholarship (specifically for those coming to Germany from Austria or Switzerland)
    • Must apply within 7 years of receiving your PhD
    • Recipients are expected to return to their home country (Austria or Switzerland) after funding ends and implement their newly acquired knowledge and skills there.
    • Deadline: none. Applications may be submitted at any time. Scholarships are awarded 4 times per year.
  • Sino-German (CSC-DAAD) Postdoc Scholarship Program (specifically for postdocs from China)
    • Must apply within 2 years of receiving your PhD, and must meet English or German language requirements
    •  Lasts 7-18 months. Includes Visa fees &  travel expenses.
    • Deadline for this year: between Oct 20 – Nov 20, 2015
  • Helen Hay Whitney Research Fellowship (specifically for US Citizens)
    • Must have no more than 1 year of postdoc experience, and must apply within 2 years of receiving your PhD
    • Deadline for this year: July 1, 2015.

Transition grants for postdocs who want to apply for group leader positions in Germany

  • Emmy Noether Programme
    • Applicants need substantial international research experience and 2-4 years postdoc experience
  • VolkswagenStiftung Lichtenberg Professorship
    • Applicants should have some experience working abroad and have been awarded their doctorate within the past 4-7 years. Open to all nationalities. Leads to a tenure-track position at the host university.
    • Next deadline: June 2, 2015
  • Sofja Kovalevskaha Award from the Humboldt Foundation
    • For researchers from abroad to establish working groups of their own at German institutions. Applicants should have completed their doctorate within the last 6 years.
    • Next deadline: July 31, 2015

(last updated May 6, 2015)


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